Lately, I have been working on a new project called “HappyChildren”, my new nursery school built near the city center, where we can find different pleasant neighborhoods. As we know, it is very important to have clients in  order to gain benefits, so I have to offer my clients the proper attention and I have to do my best to ensure them a good service for their children. In “HappyChildren” we only want to take care of these kids: let them play, have fun, teach them new things, meet other children, etc. We provide a very welcoming place with all the things that a child want or need, our employees are professionals and love to work and to take care of these little children.

Firstly, if the business have not started yet, there are some  basic steps that have to be followed in order to succeed and establish a good and organized plan. For example, these 10 steps should be helpful in this sort of situation.

Now that the business has started, how could I gain some popularity in order to get clients? Nowadays, most of the business that have been well-known, have used the social media and have become popular thanks to it; for this, there are also 7 steps that could be used to create our social media plan. I would like to promote my nursery shool in a good way and efficiently, that’s why I´m going to use social networking  in order to achieve a  digital identity on the web with an excellent digital reputation. Communication and network connections help us to expand the information that we want to show, so this is going to be our main key to have the first contact with our posible future clients.

As mentioned before, two main and important aspects are the digital identity and reputation, how can we improve these? It’s very simple, with the help of social networking, for example in my case these are: Twitter, WordPress and Facebook. Moreover, as we are talking about a public service and we are dealing with children, their parents have the right to see how they are treated anytime they want. For this, we have created webcam system which allows parent to acquire a bigger control of the situation.


Facebook is one of the most famous social networking service that we can find in our days, not only to connect with your friends, but also to help to build your own business. This blog give us some tips in order to promote your business. I would use this social network so that I could post all the necessary information about my nursery school. to upload photos where we can see children having a good time and also the information needed in order to contact us. This personal page would attract people from all over the city!



Twitter is another well-known social networking, which in a little period of time has achieved an incredible popularity all over the world. Many people has a twitter account, even famous people, but it is also effective to promote a business.

I would create our own account (for example: @happy_children), all the parents interested would follow it, like this they would know what we are doing during the morning or the afternoon, it will be also useful to anounce any kind of information, even at the last minute. Creating hashtags about our events and meetings with parents and answering all the requires that parents could have would help me to obtain a complete and a good service for them.


WordPress is the perfect site to upload and write our own blogs, describing the evolution of our business, all the different experiences that we live with these children, comment the different activities done with them, etc. This would be our personal place to tell our story, the story of our business and all the things that happen in our place, sharing potos, videos and even parents could have the possibility to comment all these things.



It is a very stable platform to use; there are many advantages, as it is very easy to use, it is free and we can change the entire look of our website with one click of a button and there is no need of technical experience at all.


As mentioned in the presentation, to create a web page of a webcam system would be a very positive key for our business because parents would be allowed to watch anytime what their children are doing. This system is compatible with computers, smartphones and tablets; there have been several debates about this subject, but it has been approved by many nursery schools and has been claimed to be a secure system.

Thanks to this system parents have more confidence and are more assured. They can see all the things that their children do and how the employees do their job.  One example in Spain of this type of system would be this one:


In my opinion, with the help of these different social networks and the collaboration of all the people who are involved in this business, this project would achieve great benefits. The popularity will increase, everybody would have the right information (news, pictures, videos, etc.) and there would be many advantages for those who will follow our sites.


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